PBSC is Hiring!

PBSC is accepting applications for two Program Coordinator positions. There is a full time summer and part time school year and a part time school year position available. A position with PBSC is an excellent opportunity to develop leadership, negotiation and management skills; network with lawyers, public interest leaders, Deans … Continue reading

A formal introduction to PBSC-UVic’s 2017-2018 Program Coordinators!!!

It is our pleasure to formally introduce PBSC-UVic’s 2017-2018 Program Coordinators: Rebecca Whitmore and Laura Edwards! Rebecca Whitmore, Program Coordinator (Full Year) Rebecca has a B.A. (Hons.) and an M.A. in Geography from Simon Fraser University, where her research focused on informal caregiving, ethics of care, and global health equity. … Continue reading

Orientation Week Raffle!

Getting excited to start the school year? PBSC sure is! Remember to buy some Orientation Week Raffle tickets during orientation week! Proceeds go towards PBSC Community Building and Volunteer Appreciation Events. Prize bags range anywhere from $165.00 to $234.00 with one prize valuing $325.00! A special thanks to all of … Continue reading