Lawyer Testimonials

“I think it’s important to make some time in our budgets and our life to help people who need our help.  So this is one of the ways I can do that.  Our firm is supportive of our doing pro bono work, so that encourages us to get involved as well … In addition to getting the satisfaction of knowing I’ve helped students and those they are assisting, I also benefit by getting exposed to legal matters that might not arise in the ordinary course of my practice.”

–  Michael Nienhuis, Lawyer Supervisor
Anawim House Project 2015-2016

“I believe it is important to give back to the community/society in which I have had enjoyed success … For me, the energy and enthusiasm of future members of my profession is enjoyable.”

–  Fiona Hunter, Lawyer Supervisor
Volunteer Victoria Project 2015-2016

“I can identify with [the students] – because I was in their shoes years ago.  They are awesome, full of potential. Most of them do not yet realize how awesome they are.”

– Douglas B. Thompson Q.C., Lawyer Supervisor
Musicians’ Association of Victoria and the Islands Project 2015-2016

“I value pro bono work because it allows me an opportunity to assist vulnerable people who might not otherwise have access to justice. I enjoy PBSC projects because I get the chance to interact with students and to hopefully show them the value of pro bono work. My favourite pro bono projects have involved fighting against the removal of people from Canada who would be made vulnerable by returning to their country of origin or who do not deserve to be removed from Canada because of their establishment in Canada. PBSC allows students to see how their education can be used in the real world and how it affects people directly. PBSC gives me a chance to interact with members of the community who are interested and involved in the causes that I care about.”

– Darcy Golden, Lawyer Supervisor
 Victoria Coalition in Support of Temporary Foreign Workers Project 2015-2016

“I can see the growth in the Vancouver Island Human Rights Coalition from the PBSC students. It will really help our advocacy improve from the student’s assistance.”

– Dana Quantz, Lawyer Supervisor

 Vancouver Island Human Rights Coalition Project 2015-2016