Organization Testimonials

“This is our 3rd year partnering with PBSC.  Over the 3 years, the PBSC project teams have assembled an impressive array of documents for tech start-ups, dealing with topics ranging from start-up legal agreements, to start-up financing, and now mergers & acquisition and operating in a global environment.  The documents present the issues that entrepreneurs should know about and be thinking about as they grow their ventures, in an organized and concise fashion. 

One of the other reasons that we see so much success in the PBSC program is the structure that is provided by the program, starting with the volunteer coordinators.  Every one of them have been bright, pleasant individuals who have helped materially in drafting the original project description.  The team selection has always gone well, and the regular follow-ups that take place ensure the project never goes off the rails.  We would recommend PBSC highly to anyone looking to research and distill an area of law into simplified legal information for the lay person.  The work that the PBSC student teams have performed for VIATEC allow our local entrepreneurs to see and understand the issues so that they can set a meaningful priority in addressing them with their own advisors.”


“[T]his is our fifth year partnering with PBSC. PBSC has helped us build this program from the ground up starting with the initial planning phases all the way through to where we are today. This is our fourth year of having an online chat running on our family law website. Over that time the volunteers have chatted with hundreds of people and helped them find the legal information that they needed.

Working with the PBSC volunteers has been a real treat and they’re the reason this program exists. Over the course of its life LiveHelp has been a great resource that’s helped hundreds of people. It’s also something that we could not do without the help of the volunteers. Their time and their energy is what drives this. PBSC has been a real force multiplier and allowed us reach people we might not have been able to otherwise.”

– Legal Services Society (Legal Aid BC)

“[We chose to work with PBSC because] Intellectual property rights can be confusing to our membership and has many legal ramifications.  We are not able to research the topic in any meaningful way.  We also see PBSC as an organization that could be of help with other issues down the road (not just in Victoria but other provinces/jurisdictions).”

– Musicians’ Association of Victoria and the Islands

“We partner with PBSC as it furthers research into legal issues relating to the environment, conservation and charities. The research undertaken by students in the program has been top notch for three years now and has advanced materials that we make available to land trusts across BC and people involved in conservation work.”

–  Land Trust Alliance of British Columbia (LTABC)