“Volunteering with PBSC was an immensely rewarding experience and a great way to get involved during my 1L year. My PBSC assignment gave me valuable exposure to a variety of legal and political issues relating to civil liberties in Canada. The work enabled me to practise my research and writing skills while contributing to a great organization. In addition to project work, my client organization provided volunteers with excellent webinars and learning opportunities led by legal experts.”

– Sebastian Maturana
2017-2018 Volunteer

“My time with the PBSC Livehelp Project was a truly unique experience. I was able to help a variety of clients resolve legal questions, while also allowing me to understand the application of legal principles in real-life situations. Simply having someone as an interpreter for complicated legal information can go a long way for many, and it felt really rewarding to be able to take on that role for clients. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with PBSC this year, and hope to continue giving back to the community throughout my legal profession!”

– Afsana Allidina

2017-2018 Volunteer

“I would recommend being a PBSC researcher to anyone who would like to gain exposure to various areas of law and learn how to be a more efficient researcher. My experience working as a PBSC researcher enabled me to engage in meaningful work on many projects, including areas of law that I formerly knew nothing about. Participating in PBSC has also enabled me to research and make comments on the law quicker and more confidently than I would have been able to without being involved in the program.”

-Rowan MacPhail

2016-2017 Volunteer Research Assistant

Volunteering for PBSC provided an amazing opportunity to develop my legal skills while engaging with the community. I found my PBSC work to be a nice break from studying, and a great reminder of why I came to law school.

– Brendan Morgan

2016-2017 Volunteer

“Volunteering for PBSC was a fantastic introduction to legal skills that are valued highly by employers. My PBSC experience has been mentioned in every job interview I have been to so far.”

– William McClary
2015-2016 Volunteer

“The best experience I had [in first year Law School] was as a student researcher for Pro Bono Students Canada (PBSC). Our group’s project involved researching general liability law for a non-profit organization. Since we had an upper year student in our group who was willing to help me, I learned how to conduct legal research quickly and actually had a lot of fun doing it for a real client. As a result, I felt that I was way ahead of my peers in our Legal Research & Writing course because I started learning research skills so early. I also think that being a part of PBSC helped me get the job I’m working in now.  Every potential employer who I’ve talked to about our project has been impressed with my involvement and skills I gained through PBSC.”

– Sean Tamboline
2014-2015 Volunteer