PBSC Volunteers for the 2015-2016 Volunteer Victoria Project

PBSC Volunteers for the 2015-2016 Volunteer Victoria-PBSC Project


I would recommend being a PBSC researcher to anyone who would like to gain exposure to various areas of law and learn how to be a more efficient researcher. My experience working as a PBSC researcher enabled me to engage in meaningful work on many projects, including areas of law that I formerly knew nothing about. Participating in PBSC has also enabled me to research and make comments on the law quicker and more confidently than I would have been able to without being involved in the program.

-Rowan MacPhail, 2016-2017 Volunteer Research Assistant

Volunteering for PBSC provided an amazing opportunity to develop my legal skills while engaging with the community. I found my PBSC work to be a nice break from studying, and a great reminder of why I came to law school.

– Brendan Morgan, 2016-2017 Volunteer

“Volunteering for PBSC was a fantastic introduction to legal skills that are valued highly by employers. My PBSC experience has been mentioned in every job interview I have been to so far.”

– William McClary, 2015-2016 Volunteer

“PBSC gave me the opportunity to put the skills I was learning to work, to engage with the community, and to remind myself why I came to law school. My supervisors were extremely helpful and encouraging, both with my project and in offering me guidance related to my future career goals.”

– Katja Schiffer-Graham, 2013-2014 & 2014-2015 Volunteer

“The best experience I had [in first year Law School] was as a student researcher for Pro Bono Students Canada (PBSC). Our group’s project involved researching general liability law for a non-profit organization. Since we had an upper year student in our group who was willing to help me, I learned how to conduct legal research quickly and actually had a lot of fun doing it for a real client. As a result, I felt that I was way ahead of my peers in our Legal Research & Writing course because I started learning research skills so early. 

I also think that being a part of PBSC helped me get the job I’m working in now.  Every potential employer who I’ve talked to about our project has been impressed with my involvement and skills I gained through PBSC.”

– Sean Tamboline, 2014-2015 Volunteer

“I worked with 4 other students to develop [a] project ….aimed at assisting tech start-ups with financing the early stages of their companies. I was able to take part in creating a resource for Victoria’s entrepreneurial community while developing a number of practical skills for the legal profession. Drafting the project helped develop my research and writing skills. However, the most valuable work experience I gained was through holding consultations with established entrepreneurs to determine what they wish they had known in the early stages business. Upon completion of the written materials, myself and my team mates hosted a seminar attended by the leaders of local start-ups. Our project’s lawyer hosted a question and answer period that allowed the team to provide legal information, as well as share some of practical tips we had heard throughout our consultation.”

 – Joseph Mooney, 2014-2015 Volunteer

“The best part of my PBSC experience was that it got me connected to people in the community who share many of my legal interests. I met lawyers and legal advocates who I feel I can call on with questions, ideas, or support for my own projects. It is important to me to have connections outside the law school, and to be engaged with the Victoria community. The project also gave me ideas about initiatives I can bring into my summer job. So, in a way, I can continue the work I started with PBSC.”

– Catherine Bright, 2012-2013 Volunteer

Volunteering with PBSC provided me with the opportunity to connect with legal advocates in Victoria and provide much needed research support. My placement with the Together Against Poverty Society (TAPS) was wonderful! Working together with an upper year PBSC student and TAPS staff offered insight into what it might be like to engage in employment rights advocacy. Moreover, having the opportunity to engage in a research project that was linked to legal education was a great learning experience outside of the classroom. It was a privilege to be able to meet a great community of people, engage in research work that mattered and use my new legal skills in a meaningful way.”

 – Rebecca Gill, 2012-2013 Volunteer

“My Pro-Bono Students Canada project was a great opportunity to engage with legal issues outside of the classroom. I had the opportunity to tailor my PBSC project to my specific interests. This helped me discover what issues I am most passionate about. It was a welcome reminder that the real issues and complexities of law arise and evolve outside of the law classroom. PBSC is a great way for law students to bridge the gap between the classroom and the community at large.”

– Alexandra Andrisoi, 2011-2012 Volunteer

“Getting involved with a PBSC project was an excellent opportunity for hands-on real world experience”

 -Siddharth Akali, 2011-2012 Volunteer

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