Law students volunteering their time to increase and enhance access to justice by offering high quality, professional legal assistance under the supervision of community mentors.


Reflections on 2018-2019

Thank you to all our volunteers for another fantastic year! We are so grateful and proud of all the work you did. We had spectacular feedback from our community supervisors and affiliated programs all thanks to your hard work and dedication. For those curious about some of the projects we worked on, or are interested in joining PBSC next year, take a look at some of our student testimonials below!   “Volunteering at Breakwater Law with Jo McFetridge was such a valuable experience. As an intern, I assisted Jo on pro bono files and gained exposure to family law. During my time at Breakwater, I learned how to draft a will, a notice of family claim, and a divorce order. I participated in client interviews, observed Jo in court, and provided support to clients. My final task was to draft a legal memo on a complex file that involved business and family law. Above all, I appreciated Jo’s mentorship and encountering firsthand some of the rewards and challenges that are common to pro bono files.”  –Gurkiran Dhillon, 2L     “It was engaging to work with a local organization who is actively involved in our community. PBSC is fantastic for building community connections.”   “My PBSC project with

Introducing our new 2019-2020 Program Coordinators

Running the PBSC-UVic Chapter for 2018-2019 has been a rewarding and exciting experience. We have been pleased with the growth of our chapter, the immense out-pouring of support from the community, and the hard work and dedication of our volunteers. Although we are sad to leave, we are also very excited to be passing on the torch to two amazing new Program Coordinators, Nicholas Picard and Lauren Sutherland: Nick will be taking on the role of Summer Program Coordinator starting in May 2019. Nick graduated with a BA in Linguistics from UVic in 2013. Since then, he has studied design and fine art at various schools on the Island. He has volunteered as an events coordinator and as an art instructor. He loves cats and board games. His passion for access to justice brought him to UVic Law in 2018. Over the course of the summer, Nick will be connecting with community organizations and working alongside them to develop projects for the upcoming school year. He will also be organizing and planning events, and recruiting student volunteers. If you’re a community organization interested in a project for the 2019-2020 academic year, please contact Nick in May via e-mail: Lauren Sutherland