Law students volunteering their time to increase and enhance access to justice by offering high quality, professional legal assistance under the supervision of community mentors.


Upcoming for 2019!

Welcome Back! Your PBSC team would like to extend a big warm welcome back to all our volunteers at UVic Law. At the end of last term we received an overwhelming amount of excellent feedback from our partners and lawyer supervisors regarding the work and dedication our volunteers put into their projects. We couldn’t be more proud and grateful to you all! Thank you for all the work you do for the community. We look forward to seeing what else you accomplish this semester. Work with PBSC! We have some exciting positions available for two interested students!  We are hiring two new coordinators this semester. The Program Coordinators take on a great deal of responsibility and develop an important skill set that is transferable to legal practice. One student is selected to work full-time over the summer months and then part-time over the school year managing PBSC programs. A second Program Coordinator will join PBSC September part-time until the end of the school year. Applications are due via e-mail by noon on January 30 and require a resume and cover letter. Candidates selected for an interview will be contacted by February 1st and interviews will be held the week of

Learn the Latest in A2J with UVic’s ACE NewsLinks!

Great news! Our own Access to Justice Centre for Excellence (ACE) has released the second edition of the UVic ACE NewsLinks! UVic ACE was established in 2015 as a response to the increasing access to justice issues facing our society. This organization seeks to engage law students with research related to procedural issues and delivery of legal services in the community. This year we have two student volunteers working on the newsletter by researching access to justice developments in Canada. They will be writing about news stories, engaging in legal analysis on relevant access to justice issues, highlighting profiles of organizations engaged in access to justice, and promoting engagement and involvement in access to justice work. For example, this issue features a story on the tools law schools have developed in order to improve access to justice in their communities, as well as articles on how to narrow the access to justice gap in your practice after law school. CHECK OUT THE LATEST ISSUE HERE: NEWSLINKS – Issue 2 The newsletter will also have news about upcoming events related to pro bono and will be released on a regular basis. We highly encourage students and partner organizations to submit their